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We are the market leader in the identification, disinfection and antimicrobial protection against dangerous pathogenic bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, viruses, and odors. Our superior electrostatic technology provides 100% coverage with our hospital-grade disinfectants to eliminate 99.9999% of the most dangerous pathogens. We attack microbial contamination at the very source and provide protective coatings to prevent recontamination for up to 90 days. 


The ByoProtect® Guarantee

We guarantee quality! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we pledge to quickly resolve any concerns you may have. Our technicians are professionally trained to provide outstanding service. Your facility will be thoroughly treated with state-of-the-art equipment and hospital-grade antimicrobial solutions. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are fully insured and bonded so your belongings are safe. We protect what matters to you!


Our Mission

ByoProtect® provides superior technology and service creating a safer, healthier environment without the threat of cross contamination.

We Value:

  • Excellence at every level of our service.
  • Expertise unparalleled in our industry.
  • Entrepreneurship as the energy that drives our success.
  • Efficiency in everything we do.